Our Staff



Rev. Micah Watson
Campus Minister

Micah is a graduate of Memphis Theological Seminary, and also an MTSU and UKirk (PSF @ MTSU) alum!  


PSF was a big part of Micah's call to ministry.  The call to "connect faith to life", which was and still is the abbreviated mission statement of the ministry, is always something that resonated with Micah.  For Micah, ministry was the only way to answer that call, but he firmly believes everyone has a unique calling and he is excited to help MTSU students figure out how they might "connect faith to life". 

Email Micah at ukirk.mtsu@gmail.com or psf.mtsu@comcast.net

Matthew Starnes 
Campus Ministry Intern

Matt is an MTSU student studying art and the places where art and religion intersect. 

Matt is excited to serve alongside Micah as the campus intern. He also serves on the SALT team, and traveled to Nicaragua and Chicago on past UKirk (PSF) mission trips.

"I want to give to our students what PSF (UKirk) did for me at the beginning - safety and love." 

Email Matt at mrs7h@mtmail.mtsu.edu

Pat Cox
Financial Secretary

Pat keeps the finances flowing smoothely at UKirk.   Besides her great attention to detail, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.    Pat is married to her high school sweetheart, Billy.   She has three children and four wonderful grandchildren.


Email Pat at patcox@mborofpc.org