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UKirk MTSU COVID-19 Safety Guidelines & Updates

UPDATE: Following MTSU’s newest COVID-19 policies, we will only be meeting on Zoom until Feb. 8. We will provide updates through the remind text as we progress through the semester. We hope to see you online, and in person when it is safe to do so! Please read over COVID-19 Policy below and reach out to Micah if you have any questions.

COVID-19 Policy:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, we are taking extra precautions to make sure we do our best to keep students, volunteers, and employees safe this year at UKirk. We as that everyone please join us in following the Safety Guidelines set by our Campus Minister and the Board of Directors. Please note that the guidelines set by MTSU will be our baseline for how we approach COVID-19 policy at UKirk.

Below is a picture of the sign that you will find posted around UKirk. We want to emphasize that our outdoor spaces are open this school year! In fact, mos of our programming will be focused in these outdoor areas and online. Due to the size of our indoor space and respect towards our residents, we unfortunately will not be opening the inside of the UKirk house to regular traffic. On occasion we will allow students into the backroom area to use the back restroom when at UKirk gatherings.


We hope that we can meet in person this school year, but we are flexible and ready to adapt however we have to.

We look forward to seeing you at UKirk or online!

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