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Community Building

We believe that positive change happens best in the context of community.    Whether it is getting together and growing with a small group of people, or going as serving in the local community, we believe you can make a huge impact on the world around you.  
Small Group

It has been our observation that the people you hang out with have a great affect on the direction of your life.    For example, hang out with people who study a lot, your study habits will probably get better.  Hang out with people who eat healthy and exercise, you will probably start making healthier choices.  

We have found that when a group of people hang out and intentionally take the time to get with a group of people and get to know each other better, when they ask what the Bible might say about their lives and then pray for one another, people head in a good direction.  We will be meeting every other week this semester.   If you are interested in getting involved, just hit the email button below and we can plug you in.  

Local Partnerships

We have encouraged our Life Groups to try to serve together on a regularl basis, whether once a week or once a month.   Serving seems more fun and rewarding when you do it together.  Here are some of the places and  ways we are currently volunteering.  


The Boys and Girls Club: 

Opportunities to volunteer to serve along side staff to help kids with homework, play inside and outside games, work with their drama team or in the computer center.   You also have the opportunity to become a mentor to a child on a regular basis.   For more information, click the following links:  

Volunteer Info
Murfreesboro Boys & Girls Club


Sunnington Assisted Living

Want to meet some folks that have the wisdome of years and yet maintain a youthful spirit.   Help throw seasonal parties (Valentines/ Christmas/etc.) or just go play BINGO on Saturdays (serious business people).   Good times.    To see a bit more of what life for the residents at Sunnington is life click:



Feed America First

Help feed the hungry all over the South East. Feed America First gets large donations of food and basic supplies from manufacturers, retailers, etc. that allow themto serve 26,000 families a month.   This cannot happen without volunteers.   For more info on how to get involved: 

fight hunger

If you are interested in making a difference just hit the email button below and tell us where you might like to volunteer.  


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